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Gulf Power Fixed RateSM

What is Gulf Power Fixed Rate?

The Fixed Rate program guarantees your monthly bill will stay the same for 12 months, regardless of how much energy you use. Benefits include: 

  • No more bill fluctuations during months of hot or cold weather 
  • Easier to manage monthly expenses   

To enroll in the Fixed Rate program, log in to our website and follow the instructions. If you are new, you'll need your Gulf Power account number and four digits of the Social Security number associated with the account to register online first.

Check Eligibility

Note: To be eligible for the Fixed Rate program, you must be in good financial standing and have valid billing information for the rate schedule RS or GS at your current premise for at least 12 months.

Receive a custom offer, personalized to your usage  

The Fixed Rate program looks at up to 36 months of your bills to predict your energy usage and create a custom Fixed Rate program offer* for qualified customers.  

When you get your bill each month, you will see the energy you used. Your billed amount will be equal to your Fixed Rate program monthly offer, plus any taxes, fees or other products and services (like Surge Protection).

At the end of each 12-month agreement, if you still qualify, you will receive a new Fixed Rate program offer and can decide to enter another 12-month agreement or go back to the standard rate schedule RS or GS.

* All applicable taxes are additional to Fixed Rate program offer

Keep in mind:
  • If you choose to withdraw from the Fixed Rate program before the end of the 12-month agreement, you will be billed the difference between the amount of energy used and the amount you have paid while on the Fixed Rate program.
  • If you withdraw from the Fixed Rate program, you must remain on the rate schedule RS or GS for another 12 months before you become eligible for the Fixed Rate program again.

Did you know?

You can combine Fixed Rate with our other billing options, including eBill and Auto Pay.