Energy efficient home appliances work hard while using less energy, so you save on your monthly bill.
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Electric Vehicles
If you are considering (or have discovered) the benefits of an electric vehicle, we can support you.
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Home Repair Plans
HomeServe offers electrical and water line repair plans that can help protect you from the costs of repairs and keep your life moving.
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Energy Checkup
Get a free analysis of your home's energy use, with custom recommendations to help you save energy and money.
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Energy Select
Put the power of savings in your hands. With our unique home energy management program, you can pay a lower electricity price 87% of the time.
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Heating and Cooling
Want to keep your home cool for less? Get your heating and cooling system checked out and see if you qualify for rebates.
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Insulation and Ducts
Holes and leaks aren't always obvious in homes. Make sure your insulation, envelope and ducts are keeping the heat and air in, to help you save.
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Outdoor Lighting
Increase the beauty and safety of your home with our outdoor lighting options. We can even take care of the installation and maintenance for you.
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Pool Pumps and Heating
Swimming pools can cause higher energy bills. We'll help you create a high efficiency system so you can enjoy your pool - and more savings.
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Install or upgrade to energy efficient roofing materials to help lower your power bill. You can also earn cash back, up to a maximum of $400.
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Smart Energy
We have installed smart meters to help you better manage your energy, and to help us more quickly identify and respond to outages.
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Find out why solar is a great complement to your electric service and discover the solutions we offer to customers who are interested in renewable energy.
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Surge Protection
Don't let power surges damage your valuable appliances and electronics. We offer surge protection for your home.
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Energy efficient windows keep your home comfortable and help you save energy and money every month.
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