Driving electric

Electric vehicles combine performance, style, and efficiency to provide a great driving experience. They also offer a lower total cost of ownership. More and more drivers are enjoying the many benefits of going electric.

At Gulf Power, we’re proud to support electric vehicle owners by offering:

  • Electricity rates with low, off-peak prices to help EV owners save when they “refuel”

Good reasons to drive electric

  • Vehicle range has significantly improved in the latest electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid models. Over 90% of daily commutes can be driven all-electric.
  • EV owners save a lot on fuel. Driving electric is about the equivalent to $1.50 per gallon of gasoline.
  • Gulf Power offers electricity rates with low, off-peak prices to help EV owners save even more.
  • With fewer moving parts, all-electric vehicles can have much lower maintenance costs.
  • As the electric grid becomes cleaner and more efficient, so do electric vehicles.
  • Contribute to our nation’s energy independence. An EV’s energy can be 100% made in the USA.

Federal tax credits

We’re not the only ones who want to reward you for purchasing and using an electric vehicle — you might also be eligible for a federal tax credit or other incentives.