Manage your energy use to control your savings

Energy Select is a nationally recognized program that puts the power of savings in your hands. By combining a unique variable price, an online programming portal and smart thermostat, Energy Select lets you take control of saving money and energy.

Program Features

  • A lower electricity price 87% of the time
  • Conveniently control your comfort and savings
  • FREE installation


How Energy Select works

Program criteria and requirements

To be an Energy Select customer, you must have ALL of the following:

  • An active residential account with Gulf Power Company (not on Fixed RateSM program)
  • Broadband internet with secure WiFi available in your home
  • A properly working central cooling and heating system
  • Ownership of your home, or the homeowner's permission

If you qualify, complete the online enrollment form to start saving.

Residential Service Variable Price (RSVP) rate

Our special variable price is the cornerstone of the Energy Select program. The RSVP rate gives you the opportunity to pay a lower price for the electricity consumed in your household 87% of the time.

RSVP Rate Details

The RSVP rate features four variable prices that are based upon the time of day and time of week, with time periods that vary by season (summer and winter). It is designed so that you and your family can save money by using the bulk of your energy during the low and medium periods, when you will be paying less than the standard residential rate. The RSVP rate would take place on the following bill after installation.

That means with Energy Select, the price you pay for electricity is lower than the standard residential rate 87% of the time.

Customer programming portal

Our online portal makes programming your thermostat and connected appliances simple. You log in to program your central cooling and heating system, electric water heater and pool pump from the convenience of any computer, tablet or phone with Internet access. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Managing Your Energy Use

Our interactive energy management system allows you to program your central cooling and heating system, electric water heater and pool pump to automatically respond to the RSVP rate’s four variable prices. You can choose to run more in the lower price periods and less, or not at all in the higher price periods. It’s always your choice, and you are always in control.

And making changes is easy — you can program your equipment on your computer, tablet or smart phone, wherever you have internet access.

WiFi-enabled thermostat

Our WiFi-enabled thermostat, along with timers for your applicable appliances, provides an easy way to take advantage of the RSVP rate by following your programming and responding to pricing signals.

Not Your Regular Thermostat

The Energy Select programmable thermostat, along with timers for your appliances, gives you control over your home’s central cooling and heating system, electric water heater and pool pump. You can program much of your home’s energy usage to fit your schedule and comfort level, while managing your level of energy conservation and monthly bill savings.

And our thermostat is no ordinary programmable thermostat. It has a price-response feature that allows you to program it to automatically respond to the price of electricity in effect at any given time. It does the thinking, and the saving, for you.

Your home's WiFi access

By using the secure WiFi signal in your home, your central cooling and heating system and controlled electric water heater and pool pump will all respond to your programmed settings.

Putting Your Internet Service to Work

The Customer Programming Portal, smart thermostat and your home’s WiFi are all key components of your energy management system. They work together to put you in control of your energy — how much you use, when you purchase it, and how much you purchase.

For new Energy Select customers, broadband internet service with secure WiFi is required.

Existing Customers

Already signed up for Energy Select? Use the programming portal to manage your devices.
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Customer support

Visit our FAQs to find answers to common program questions and learn how to contact our team of dedicated Energy Select representatives.

Find Answers

Speak to a representative by calling (877) 655-4001 Mon. - Fri. from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Residential Testimonial

Since I started using Energy Select, not only is my energy use under my complete control, but I'm saving literally hundreds of dollars a year.

- David Hudson, Homeowner